Major projects

75 Employees

WANECQUE is at its core a team of 75 professionals who are passionate about their work. We have the capacity to take on large-scale projects. 1/3 of our staff work in our R&D Department and are capable of handling projects worth several million dollars.

International reach

We are especially proud of having carried out assignments in most of Europe as well as elsewhere in the world. Our creations are to be found as far afield as Portugal, the Antilles, the United States and Dubai. Our teams are fully mobile and comfortable adapting to different cultures.

3 Production Sites

Large-scale projects require a suitable production capacity. WANECQUE Métallerie boasts 3 manufacturing workshops with a total surface area of 4,500m², all fully equipped. From laser cutting to powder coating, we oversee the entire process in-house. No other SME in France can offer such a service.

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Fine & Architectural metalworking

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