High-End Services

Ever since it was founded, WANECQUE has been associated with the finest creations. Always aspiring to excellence and stretching their creative skills to the limits, our teams strive to make every one of our creations unique. What sets fine metalworking apart is its elegance and the attention to detail. The metal is shaped, fashioned and sculpted to get the absolute best out of it. Metalworking is the haute couture of the profession. Working with the noblest metals, our artisans will transform your project into something timeless!



Renowned for its unique savoir-faire, WANECQUE Métallerie offers unrivalled services in the highly exacting fields of wrought-iron craft, prestigious chandlery and high-end layouts.

Our Services
  • Made-to-measure designs from our expert team
  • 3D plans and virtual reality
  • Manufactured in our Bordeaux workshops
  • On-site installationby our teams
  • Workshop dedicated to wrought-iron craft & patinas
  • Upkeep & maintenance
  • Use of noble metals:  Stainless steel, bronze, brass, titanium & corten steel
Our Fields of Expertise

Layout & Furnishing

For your characterful villas, our teams are on hand to deploy their expertise on your layout. Our architects and interior designers will take in hand your interior layout from start to finish. What sets Maison WANECQUE apart from the competition? Our in-house Research & Design Department will get the absolute best out of the materials in order to create a unique object. We are proficient in ever stage of manufacturing and can work with exotic materials of every type. We offer you turnkey solutions for your projects, incorporating metal, wood, glass, stone and more. Our outstanding and ambitious layouts make your space stand out!

Noble Metals & Patinas

Having been neglected for years in favour of aluminium, noble metals are very much back in fashion. Brass, bronze, copper, corten, titanium… Materials can be combined in an infinite number of ways and only WANECQUE has a true mastery of all of them. Thanks to their natural characteristics and their varying hues, these metals endow our creations with a unique and timeless look.

Are you tired of the bland colours that painted finishes offer? So are we! We invite you to (re)discover the virtues of patinas and varnishing. These forgotten techniques inject soul into our creations.

Wrought-Iron Craft

An ancestral discipline, wrought-iron craft involves giving body to a metal. It is shaped by the artisan by hand, often while still hot. It requires years of experience and practice to master the various techniques.

Whether it involves restoring heritage or creating unique pieces, the artisans at Maison WANECQUE will place their mastery of this art at your service.

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Fine & Architectural Metalworking

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