Our history

Founded in October 2012, WANECQUE has in the space of 6 years emerged as one of the leading fine metalworking firms in France.

After serving various apprenticeships in the course of his studies to qualify as an engineer, Romain Wanecque took the decision to create his own artisanal metalwork firm and set up shop in a 150m² workshop in Haillan in south-western France.

His order book very quickly filled up and he was soon obliged to take on his first employee. After that, he didn’t look back, and thanks to an ambitious investment and recruitment plan, the business soon reached critical size.

It was at this point in December 2014 that Romain decided to bring the engineer Samuel Notebaert on board as a shareholder in the firm. Together they have built the company up to what it is today. They soon moved into a new 2,000m² workshop and assembled a talented and passionate team.

Our firm now has 75 employees and our brand-new fleet of machinery means that we can take on projects of any size, including ambitious architectural projects.

Our profession: Architectural metalworking.

Our vocation: Implementing an architect’s vision within the allocated budget.

The main product ranges are:

  • Staircases
  • Architectural joinery
  • Façades and metal cladding
  • Fencing and gates
  • Steel structures
  • Layouts and furnishings

Why choose us ?
  • International reach
  • High production capacity
  • High degree of technical mastery
  • Mastery of all project components
  • No recourse to temporary workers
  • Flexibility of an SME
  • Resources of a large company
Nos sociétés

The founding company of the group, WANECQUE specialises in architectural metalwork and large-scale projects. It has 2 sites – in Bordeaux (33) and Cannes (06) – equipped with cutting-edge equipment.

Founded in 2012
Sites in Mérignac (33) & Cannes (06)
N° of employees : 57
Turnover : 8 000 000€
Find out more : www.wanecque.com

KOZAC is the French specialist in monumental architectural staircases. Having become part of the WANECQUE group in 2019, KOZAC has reinforced our expertise in this field.

Founded in 1997
Located in Mérignac (33)
N° of Employees : 8
Turnover : 2 500 000€
Find out more : www.kozac.fr

KONFIGURABLE is a registered trademark by WANECQUE which offers a large variety of products, apps and develops customised solutions for industrials who wish to increase their revenues.

Founded in 2021
Located in Mérignac (33)
Find out more : www.konfigurable.com

PRECITOLE is a registered trademark by WANECQUE which produces fine sheet metal as well as cutting metal.

Founded in 2016
Located in Mérignac (33)
Find out more : www.precitole.com

GRAND MILLESIME is a registered trademark by WANECQUE specialised in luxury customised wine cellar manufacture, using the noblest materials like bronze, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, glass and wood.

Créée en 2020
Implantée à Mérignac (33)
En savoir plus : www.grand-millesime.com

BARBEUK is a registered trademark by WANECQUE 100% authentic for summerkitchen, grills and brazier.

Founded in 2021
Located in Mérignac (33)
Find out more : www.barbeuk.com

TRAFIQUANT D’ART is a registered trademark by WANECQUE which offers original artwork creations and customised fresco and project.

Founded in 2019
Located in Mérignac (33)
find out more : www.trafiquantdart.com

The teams at FULL METAL COLOR specialise in on-site electrostatic & powder coating.

Founded in 2019
Located in Saint Jean D’Illac (33)
N° of employees : 10
Turnover : 1 200 000€
Find out more : www.fullmetalcolor.com

IRONSLIDE is a registered trademark by WANECQUE which designs and manufactures stainless steel slides.

Founded in 2018
Located in Mérignac (33)
Find out more : www.ironslide.com

STAIRKAZE designs and sells a range of staircases in kit form directly over the internet.

Founded in 2017
Located in Mérignac (33)
N° of employees : 2
Turnover : 500 000€
Find out more : www.kazasteel.com

Métallerie Fine et Architecturale

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